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EGA Master Hydraulic Tools for Sale

The following hydraulic tool range consists of square & hexagonal drive hydraulic torque wrenches that have been designed for controlled tightening of nut-bolt connections.

The remotely controlled hydraulic flow and pressure supplied by the hydraulic power units provide the rotation of the nut on the bolt.

The assortment of square drive and hexagonal cassette hydraulic torque wrenches allows tightening of a very wide range of nut sizes, both in millimeters and inches.

Their small dimensions and high durability make them the perfect tool for the petrochemical industry, wind sector, power generation & naval sector etc.

Square drive wrenches need additional impact sockets while hexagonal drive have removable cassettes.

Ega Master Hydraulic, 360 hose connector These hydraulic torque wrenches all have a 360˚x360˚ hose connec tor swivel which allows total mobility of the hydraulic hoses.
Hydraulic Tools for Sale

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